Aging comes as a surprise to most people

One day we look in the mirror and ask, “What happened?” or “How did this happen to me.” We’re looking at unwelcome features we haven’t noticed before: crow’s feet, deepening lines on our forehead and wrinkles here and there. But why? Why do we look older just as we feel we are hitting our prime? The answer is we are older. We start real life much later than our parents did. Our generation is living longer. We go to school longer, we get married later in life and we’re having our children later than our parents did.

By postponing key life experiences, we enter middle age while juggling some of life’s greatest challenges: parenting, assisting aging parents, maintaining relationships, dealing with career pressures, financial demands and more. Our middle age bodies must exert physical effort and mental energy historically demanded at a younger age. And even though we may have changed the timetable of our life experiences, our bodies follow their predisposed time clock and before we know it, we’ve transitioned into middle age.

With middle age, energy levels and physical stamina decline, memory retention decreases, eye-sight changes, and hair thins. Our metabolism starts changing. For women, menopause and perimenopause start rearranging things. And let’s not mention the ongoing battle with the mid section.

And as these changes happen in our body, the changes in our skin become the most obvious signs of aging. Fat begins to leave the face when we need it the most. Loss of facial skin fat manifests as sinking, sagging, and wrinkling skin. The eyes and cheeks appear sunken, the chin, cheekbones and neck lose their definition. The lips lose their fullness. Age spots appear. Skin loses its elasticity. As we lose muscle mass and fat from the face, we lose volume so the skin starts to sag, jowls develop and we lose the angle of the neck. For women, menopause takes an enormous toll once it sets in. The face makes a quick and dramatic turn for the worse. The skin thins, lines develop and elasticity change is rapid. It’s these dramatic changes we see in the mirror that leave us feeling depressed and helpless.

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